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Zaku Desert. ver. Kvlt Worx

1/144 HGUC Zaku Kai kit + assortment of kitbash parts, as always, the MG 1.0 Zaku II that a friend gave me contributed quite a bit, I think that thing has contributed parts to five builds now! I used the new “Builders Parts Radome” for the targeting pod on the rifle, these are fantastic and I would love to try the other sets, such as the thrusters, cannons, etc.

Paints are Gaianotes Dunkelgelb II with a Gaianotes Dark Brown preshade over a pinkish white base, glazed with greens and very pale greys in oil and streaks and wear done with enamel pin washes.

After this and the Gouf, I’m pretty burnt out on Zeon models. I would like to work on some SF3D/Ma.K when I have time.

Also, thank you for following, hit 20 followers a few days after the last post. If anybody is interested I will post some tutorials and a little tour of my workspace and process?

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uh ctm😨 cuatico

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Hi World, Gunjap Interviews today with Seth Tuna !!!

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Applying for jobs is starting to feel a lot like


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Transforming Sushi Schalliders 


edit: its actually called Sushi Sentai Schallyder

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